Expert Dyno for Custom Fuel Set-ups

Full in house Dynapro Dyno facilities using a Dynapro load cell dyno specifically made for custom fuel setups.

We are now able to custom flash and remap most Kawasaki, Triumph, KTM (upto 2013) ,Suzuki, Ducati, Yamaha and Honda ECU's. 

Direct ECU flashing allows us a huge range of adjustment and various options such as O2 sensor removal, changing fan operating temperatures, raised Rev limiters and removal of top speed restrictors. Race tools packages available for certain models enabling quickshift function, launch control, auto warm up, autoblip on fly by wire models and pit lane speed limiters within the stock ecu.

Flashing the ecu not only works out as one of the most cost effective methods but also can provide better response and gains than mapping through an aftermarket fueling unit.

On KTM's we can map each cylinder individually which gives the best performance and smooth throttle openings - suitable exhaust required, please call if you need any further info on this.

All our fuel injected custom maps start from zero fueling and are fully custom written for your motorcycle while monitoring air fuel. We do not just download fuel maps or map only 100% throttle.

A full custom reflash on the dyno done properly will take around 3-5 hours.

Even standard motorcycles or those fitted with slip on exhausts from manufacturers that claim no fueling adjustments are required will benefit from a proper fueling setup. You would be amazed at how much better some motorcycles can be even in standard trim.

A recent example of a customer running a downloaded map was on a 2011 BMW S1000RR. Before mapping the bike was running rich through the top of the rev range and although this didn't give any noticable running problems, after the custom map to the PC5 that was fitted, the bike went from 172.32bhp to 197.9bhp along with a good increase in torque.

No two fuel injected or carburettor equiped motorcycles will require the same fuel jetting or mapping due to differences in injector flow rates, carburettor wear, engine tolerances and engine wear. This is why we only ever recommend using a custom map or custom jet setup carried out on a dyno rather than one downloaded from someone elses motorcycle or jet kits just fitted from the packet.

Often companies will offer a "reflashing" service which involves just sending them the ECU. As no two bikes, even identical ones, will fuel the same it is difficult to understand how one can create a fueling map for a bike without use of a dyno and air fuel monitoring. Using a dyno with air fuel trace is the only safe and guaranteed way of getting the best possible performance from a fueling map.

At Steve Jordan Motorcycles we can supply, fit and map all Dynojet, Bazzaz, Nemesis and Yoshimura Kit ECU fueling and traction control products. Please contact us on 01372 453322 for pricing.

Carburettors cleaned if required and re-jetted using either a range of jets and needles from our stock or specific Dynojet or Factory Pro jet kits.

Fuel injection and Carburettor tuning for all makes and models from MZ125 racebikes, classic and modern superbikes to Harley Davidsons, Ducati and KTM. Whatever bike you ride we can improve your MPG and how the bike feels and responds. We will also dyno selected two strokes, please call us for information.

Tuning on a dyno is the safest and only way to properly ensure that your bike is running the way it should be.  Our dyno can also be used to isolate running problems in a safe and controlled environment.

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  • Air fuel analysis power runs from £65 inc Vat. Includes both part throttle and full throttle air fuel analysis.
  • Full custom re-flashing of ECU's - Price varies model to model and depends on what options are requested, please call for prices.
  • Direct ECU fueling only mapping for selected Suzuki models £160 - £255 inc Vat (price can vary depending on model and modifications)
  • Triumph & KTM Direct ECU mapping including individual cylinder maps and turning off O2 sensors and speedo calibration £255 inc Vat.
  • Power Commander and Bazzaz fuel only mapping £255 inc Vat
  • Bazzaz traction and dual/wet maps POA 
  • Yoshimura Kit ECU mapping POA
  • Nemesis Fueling and Traction setups POA
  • Carburettor Jetting from £80 inc Vat