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Does your bike suffer from a jerky throttle response?. Are you running an aftermarket slip on or full exhaust system?. Would you like to optimise your MPG?. Are you running a tuned engine?.

If you can answer yes to any of the above then having your fueling custom mapped to suit your motorcycle will be one of the best investments you can make.

No two motorcycles of the same type will require the same fueling map. Its often a common thought that a downloaded fueling map is all that is required to fix any fueling problems. This isnt the case.

This is where the Dynojet PC5 will help. Plugged in-line with the motorcycles injectors the PC5 in simple terms interupts the signal from the ECU to the injectors and allows us to create a full custom map which is created live on our dyno.

The Dynojet PC5 has many features not found on other fueling modules or if using direct fuel mapping software.

Here is a brief over view, if you would like any further information regarding this product or any other fueling setup information please call us on 01372 453322.

PCV allows -100% to +250% fuel adjustment
User definable map break points, upto 96 x 96 break points (10 Throttle position break points as standard, up from 9 for the PCIIIusb)
Individual mapping/maps per gear
Individual mapping/maps per cylinder
Individual mapping/maps against 5v input
For example for mapping per cylinder, per gear could result in 24 individual fuel maps

We can supply a PC5, install the unit and then fully custom map your motorcycle for you. We dont use downloaded maps!

Some bikes will require O2 eliminators or an O2 optimiser to be fitted. We will advise if this is the case.

For installation and mapping costs please call us on 01372 453322 or email us at

Special package prices available and group/owners club discounts.

Part Number: 14-019


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